Daily Schedule

We will begin our days with greeting our lovely children as they transition from school to shul and feeding them a yummy, nutritious snack.  The snack time will include blessings and intention around food and eating.  After snack, we will continue as one large group and daven Mincha; the afternoon prayer service.  Then we'll start Block 1.  The youth will divide into 2 groups based on grade level.  The K-2nd graders will go with Hebrew specialist Danielle for a Hebrew lesson and the 3rd-5th graders will head off for some experiential learning with Judy.  Depending on where we are in our curriculum, we will be learning about Jewish Holidays, middot/values, synagogue skills and Torah through the lens of drama, singing, cooking, creating art, stories, etc.  After 35 minutes it will be time to transition to Block 2 and the groups will switch places.  We'll spend the last 10 minutes in a closing circle and saying good bye to each other.  (Parents are invited to the closing circle.)

Hebrew language will be infused into our days at Ketzev.  Modern Hebrew will be spoken during snack and activities and we'll do lots of singing of songs in Hebrew.  Siddur Hebrew will be experienced during our time with Rabbi Levy.  We are excited that each Ketzev kid between K-5th grade will get the chance to have a 35-minute small-group Hebrew lesson with Danielle Bohnik.  Danielle is a master Hebrew teacher known for inspiring learning through her expertise and warmth.  There will be a diversity of Hebrew knowledge among the Ketzev kids and Danielle will help us meet each student at their level. 

3:40-3:45 youth arrive and get greeted
3:45-4:00 Welcome/Snack
4:00-4:15 Daven Mincha
4:15-4:20 Transition
4:20-4:55 Block 1      (K-2nd with Danielle, 3rd-5th with Judy)
4:55-5:00 Transition
5:00-5:35 Block 2     (K-2nd with Judy, 3rd-5th with Danielle)
5:35-5:45 Closing/Goodbye