Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two Ketzev Poems written by Judy Massarano (Morah Yehudit)

End of year, May 2014:

Our Ketzev year began last fall, with great plans to have a ball.
Together we developed our unique rhythm, of snack, mincha, Ivrit and Judaism!

Each time we met, we learned brachot, Ha’eytz, adama, sha’hakol, mezonot.

With Serena’s help, we ate yummy treats, Guacamole, crackers, and healthy sweets!

Next came mincha, in the library, Singing Ashrei and Amidah, above the sanctuary.

Rabbi Creditor led us in prayer, inspiring us to find Gd everywhere.
But especially in our hearts to look-- it’s not always in the book!

We’d begin each week with a parsha text;
A video, a skit, or craft came next.

Noach taught us to partner with HaShem,
Be as many as the stars, if you can count them!

This was the promise of Lech Lecha,
Starring Avraham and Sarah!

Avoteinu and Imoteinu, our ancestors paved the way,
Their stories inspire us, even to this day.

Jacob’s ladder, Yosef’s coat, Rivka’s well of clay,
We acted out their stories wearing scarves in our play.

Wise-hearted men, wise hearted women, bring me your gold, silver, and linen,
For a personal mishkan, took many weeks, to glue it on!

We studied the Torah, straight from the scroll,
Everyone wanted a turn to roll.

The burning bush brought us to Exodus,
Ready to say, Hineni, the Torah is for us!

Chanuka, Pesach, Lag Ba’Omer, Yom Ha’Atzma’ut
Celebrating the chagim is always a hoot!

Our cooking projects included lentil porridge, cheesecake,
Fruit salad was yummy, and easy to make.

Let’s not forget our GIANT Seder plate,
and making Omer counters to keep track of the date.

Shooting bow and arrow, sack races and more
Celebrating with Morah Ziva in the park really scored.

We ended each Ketzev with a special song, having to do with our theme, it belonged.

Ahava, rachamim, chessed, v'shalom, are values we'll remember,
Even at home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

December 2013:

Ketzev students began in the fall, 
From K through 5th, we had them all.
We began with Lech Lecha, a suitable place
From which to launch a journey of faith--

Not just in Gd, to keep Avram safe, 
But in Ketzev, this group that keeps rapid pace!
With weekly parsha and yoga, Hebrew and crafts
Holidays, mincha, we're having a blast.

We've studied Sarah, and Yosef, Jacob, Rachel,
Shepherds and  Pharoah, now Moshe, do tell!
New songs every week, and healthy snacks too,
Burning bushes, and skits, cup games--'tis true.

So as we begin the book of Shemot,
Let's rejoice in how far we've come, but not gloat.
We're here to learn from each other and then
From Ziva, Abby, Judy, Molly, Yarden and Rabbi Menachem,
To be a mensch, through love, kindness, and ways of peace
May our learning be joyful, and may it increase.

Shabbat Shalom uMevorach,